Friday, February 20, 2015

Brass Valentine

I love Matt, I really do.  That works out well since we're married.

He went skiing over Valentine's weekend for his brother's bachelor party and my sister came to OKC from Dallas for a "Galentine's" weekend.

It was all good, we were both so excited for our weekends, but Matt being Matt still felt the need to get me a present- it wasn't flowers or chocolate or jewelry...he got me lamps.  Lamps for Valentine's Day. They even came with a card.  He speaks my love language. 

Here's my sister, Calli {also known as my twin who's 4 years younger}, we're forever galentines.  The pups went crazy when she walked in on Friday evening.

This was our Valentine's night dinner, copious amounts of pasta {shrimp fra diavolo}, bread, and wine, not to mention there was strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting.  The nice thing about your sister being your date is that you can eat dinner in pants with an elastic waistband.

Do you want to see where the new lamps live?  Notice the two lamps in the photos above and below.

And now...Melrose buffet lamps from Crate & Barrel

I had shown these to Matt before and told him how I thought they'd look good in the dining room, but it was a complete surprise when the FedEx truck pulled up to deliver them. 

They are so beautiful and I love how tall they are, 32".  It was slightly annoying how your line of vision was interrupted between the chandelier and the old lamps.  Now these are tall enough that it's one continuous vision.

Not to mention the old ones were just ugly, I bought them five years ago at TJ Maxx and they had really overstayed their welcome.  

The matte brass bases look really sleek against the metallic wall and they echo the brass on the bar cart and the gold mirror.

Another update in here are the curtains. The ones we had in here {pictured below} were left by the previous owners and were a mustard color, they didn't really bother me until one day they did.  Funny how that happens.  

I switched them out with the same ones that are in our bedroom, West Elm's velvet pole pocket curtains in dove gray.  

They compliment the metallic wall and they go well with the chairs, which are also West Elm dove gray {but the curtains are darker}. 

Don't you love how the lamps look glowing at night?  This room sits at the front of the house and I leave the curtains wide open so people walking their dogs can peek inside.  Getting a glimpse into other people's homes is the best part of nighttime walks, right?  Or do I just sound like a creeper?  Either way, I love lamp[s]. 

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