Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Two Eight

My birthday was last week and I got the sweetest surprise.  It was a Wednesday, I was at work and my mom and little(st) sister showed up at my office.  They drove to OKC that morning from Dallas and I had no idea they are coming.  I hadn't seen my mom in a few weeks and I hadn't seen Avery in 3  months!! Wayyyy too long! We went to lunch and then I had the longest afternoon of my life knowing they were waiting for me when I got home.

Turns out they had spent the afternoon running errands and had a very thoughtful birthday happy hour spread out upon my arrival. Those gals.  I love them.

Avery met me in the driveway as soon as I pulled up, blindfolded me with some special sunglasses she made and then led me inside to reveal the dining room birthday ready complete with bandana wearing pups.  

Avery had even written birthday cards from herself and also from Shep & Birdie.  In typical fashion Birdie's said "thank you for adopting me, thank you for loving me" while Shep's said something along the lines of "I wish it were my birthday."  She knows them so well.  

It's been a week and I still haven't taken the party down.  It makes me so joyful every time I walk in there.

If Dallas and Oklahoma City could just go ahead and scoot about 200 miles closer I'd much appreciate it.  

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