Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Everyone's A Captain

I sort of breezed over the fact that we had new dining chairs in this post so I wanted to come back and give them a proper introduction.

These are what we had in the dining room before...

And now...meow.

They are West Elm's curved upholstered chairs in dove gray. We got six of them, originally we were thinking these would just be used as captains chairs, but due to the nature of our table I didn't think any type of wood grain chairs would look right and coming up with an alternative proved to be a little difficult.  Speaking of our table, it's officially in transit! We should have it in the next few days.

I thought ghost chairs might be a cool option for the other four, but we really want guests to be comfortable when they come over.  While ghost chairs would have been a neat look, they don't exactly strike me as a linger-over-dinner-with-wine type of chair, whereas these are as comfortable as most arm chairs.

You might be thinking, but why get the chairs before your long awaited table arrives, what if they don't look good?  I'll tell you why.  Because as much as I love to hate on Black Friday it turns out I'm as powerless as the next crazy when it comes to West Elm.  They were having a "buy more save more" event so one of these chairs basically ended up being free. Also, I'd like to say we went to West Elm at an acceptable hour, 5pm. There was no forgoing Thanksgiving Day to wait in lines.  But why am I trying to defend myself?  A Black Friday shopper is a Black Friday shopper.  Oh well.

One of the chairs is currently hanging out in the kitchen until the table comes, see what I mean about them being comfortable?  Maybe a little too comfortable.  I can see us now inviting friends over for dinner and Shep helps herself to an empty seat and the baguette.  I learned long ago not to underestimate her.  She abhors the fact that she's not human.

On an unrelated note, I brought home my first paperwhite a few days ago.  I've always loved them from afar, but didn't really know what to do with them. I was admiring them again at Whole Foods when a nice employee gave me the confidence booster to bring one home.

When he was telling me about them he said "A lot of people can't have paperwhites in their home because of allergies." To which I replied "Well I don't have allergies."  Just like that, a blanket statement as if I were 7 years old. There was an awkward pause because I think he was expecting me to go on, say something like "Well I don't have allergies to pollen, it's cats that really get me."  But no, I pretty much just wanted to show off that I have no allergies.  It's the little things. 

Now watch Spring 2015 come back to bite me.

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  1. I LOVE these new chairs! Shep looks so regal sitting tall in her chair, which inevitably will remain "her" chair, I'm sure.


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