Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Recent Wares

The big stuff is exciting, but sometimes it's nice to look around at the smaller things that make home what it is.  There are some recent acquisitions around here that are making me smile, and while we're in need of rugs and a sideboard and armchairs and dressers, etc. etc. I find myself wanting to stop and inventory the little happys.

This marble trio from West Elm has me swooning over this corner of the kitchen.  That big slab is for rolling out dough, but now I'm dreaming of what marble countertops would like in place of the current stainless steel.  A dream that will have to live in my mind for now...and on Pinterest boards. 

I don't love the look of paper towels out on the counter, but function over form on this one so I set out to find the prettiest holder I could. 

I think the petite boxwood wreath hanging on the kitchen window is so charming, it's simple and fresh.  Perfect for going into spring. 

In the photo below, do you see those sponges peeking out?

I know sponges are an odd thing to hone in on, but the natural colors are so nice, much better than the neon ones I used to have.  The devil is in the details. 

This sweet boxer figurine, I recently pulled him out of a keepsake box. He belonged to my beloved Grandma who passed away when I was 13 years old.  I give her credit for my love, and by that I mean obsession, with dogs.  She had a boxer growing up so this was extra special to her.  It's a good reminder for my minimalist tendencies that not all tchotchkes are bad, a few could really mean a lot to someone one day. 

My new Kate Spade purse.  I've been searching for a new bag for months and finally got this one last week. I'm not one to have a purse collection, I have one bag that I carry day in and day out until it just can't go anymore. My old one was a tan Coach leather bag I carried for 3+ years and it was really looking long in the tooth.  I love this new bag, I think it's so classic and more importantly it layers in  nicely with the wall and the frames. 

I figure since this is where I'll hang it, it needs to look good on display.  Maybe that's why the search took an inordinate amount of time. 

This antique bench Matt found on Etsy.  It's mission style and is such a neat piece.  I like to imagine Frank Lloyd Wright would approve.  Its final landing spot is slated for the study, but it's hanging out in the living room for now. 

The girls seem particularly interested in it and I'm not really sure why.  
Must have years of good smells. 
That's actually pretty gross. 

But how cute does Birdie look when she yawns? 

And finally, a toy basket.  As I've mentioned before, Birdie was used for breeding before we adopted her and she has strong mothering instincts.  She would always carry "babies" around the house and I could tell it frazzled her a bit to not have a holding pen for them.

Now she walks by throughout the day and picks a baby up or drops a baby off, but she always knows where to find them.  We've taken to calling her "Mother Bird." 

Shep buries Nylabones beneath the babies in an effort to hide them from her recently adopted sister who came from a rough background. We're so proud.  

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  1. My favorites: Your grandma's boxer and Birdie's babies.


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