Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October 1?

Well it's October...and the high today is 90 degrees.  I won't go into lamenting how much I miss New England fall since I already dedicated an entire post to that very subject a few weeks ago.

But I did think that today called for at least some acknowledgment that fall is in fact upon us, so here's the story of  two basic girls just trying to ring in October the best they can in Oklahoma.

I started off the day with a pumpkin spice kcup (Target brand).  These things are actually really good not to mention much more cost efficient for a pumpkin spice fix than a PSL from Starbucks.

Shep started off with a "Boo Bar" from Blue Buffalo.  The bag says they're healthy and holistic and baked with pumpkin and cinnamon so naturally she prefers the imitation bacon treats that feel like plastic and claim to have no nutritional value.

She has a ritual every morning when we get home from our walk where she runs to the pantry and asks for a treat.  Usually I give her a rawhide chew or aforementioned bacon treat, so I don't think she was as excited about our new October goodies as I was, but in the spirit of fall she choked one down.

Then like any good mom I made her sit on the front steps so I could take her picture next to our pumpkins.

I went outside and called for her to come out...she was already mad at me about the healthy pumpkin treat...

Here she comes creeping out, grumbling the whole way.

Annnd this is what she gave me.  That's some serious side-eye.

And back inside she goes.

I'm going to tell her she has to start going to bed before Homeland if she doesn't change her attitude.
Here's my little collection: the white pumpkin is just a cheap orange carving pumpkin that I spray painted, the green pumpkin is naturally that gorgeous color, and the smaller ones are tiger striped. 

 I can't wait to get a storm door put on at some point so I can leave the front door open and Shep can look out.  I love natural light coming in anywhere I can get it and right now the entry chamber is kind of dark, it will also look cozy at night with lamps glowing in the foyer.

Isn't that wreath cute though?  It's from the Smith & Hawken line at Target.  I think it's cottage looking and classic.

Update: see more front door fall decor here

Happy October!

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