Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Let It Fly

One of the things I love most about our neighborhood is how festive it is.  Residents take pride in the neighborhood and their homes and it shows.  Currently on every street there are orange lights, fake cemeteries strewn on lawns, cobwebs on hedges, bats hanging from tree branches and giant spiders hugging the trunks. It's spirited to say the least.

Our house is currently looking decidedly less Thriller, and that's mostly because I was a little taken by surprise at how much everyone gets into Halloween.  Next year, we'll be ready.

Shep's had a rough month though, the neighborhood has a lot of mature trees so there's already plenty of squirrels to monitor.  Add in all this Halloween nonsense and well, it's been tough.  She's been hitting the Nylabone pretty hard. You can see her little face below in the window, she had to go inside because the yard crew showed up which is always extremely upsetting.  Yet another thing she has to monitor.

Another thing people get excited for is the Oklahoma City Thunder.  With the NBA season officially starting this week, Thunder paraphernalia has come creeping out.  While we weren't on the spooky train this year, we couldn't wait to jump on board with the Thunder. 

Loud and proud.  We (Matt) put this flag pole on the side of the house. We decided to put it off to the side because it would have crowded up the front door area too much and it's more visible from the street like this.  

I like how the front door can still feel more "formal" if I want it to with the flag waving off to the side. 

I also love how you can see it in action from the kitchen window. 

A few weeks ago some of our friends came over to see the house for the first time.  When one of them saw the dining room he said "Your dining room is Thunder colors."  So before we hung it outside I put it up in the dining room and had to smile at how well it flowed.  Subconscious love I guess. 


Thunder Up!

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