Tuesday, December 22, 2015

All A{side}board

We're back in the dining room, haven't you missed this spot?  It's as cozy as ever and it is thiiiis close to being complete.  

This is where we were when you last saw it, we had our glorious table in place, our comfy chairs, twinkling lamps...and a hand me down knotty pine console that was dragging everyone down.  

Let's see what's new...

Enter West Elm's geometric console {sideboard}.  It was an online only item and I actually don't even see it on their website anymore, but it's in the same family as this table.  The description for the table reads: "Geometry 101. Angled iron legs provide the sturdy base for the Geometric Base Dining Table. Made from solid acacia wood in a rich dark walnut finish, this table coordinates with our Geometric Base Dining Bench."  So you get the idea, the sideboard has the same angled legs and is the same wood/finish as the table description.  

Finding a sideboard was a challenge,  I didn't know if we should go with wood because I didn't want anything to compete with our table.  You just can't compete with that table.  But I feel like the sideboard really holds its own and is a visually interesting companion without trying to steal
the show.  

The closed storage has been so nice! Older, modest sized homes are not known for being long on storage space so it was important that this piece be able to help out in that department.   

I also love that it's a few inches taller than the last console, the other one looked shrimpy with those dramatic lamps on it.  And yes, those are pumpkins on the table, I took these photos back in November.  What can I say?  I'm a full time working dog mom and the girls refuse to help out with chores, or walk themselves, or grocery shop, or make dinner while I'm away.  SAHDM {stay at home dog moms} have it so much easier.  

I straighten this rug at least once a day but it never lasts-- this is the girls favorite spot to spread out their toys and chew on their bones...and roll, so much rolling.    

Here comes the worst offender.  

The sideboard legs really compliment the dining room table legs, same material and color.  

We also have a few new additions the bar cart, these gorgeous deco marble and brass bar tools and mid-century cocktail shaker.  

The old console has found a temporary home as a sofa table. 

Just for fun let's take a look back on what the dining room looked like last fall:

I love the smell of progress. 

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***This post is not sponsored by West Elm***

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