Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My X's & O's

Happy February!  
Since the calendar has turned I thought it was about time for a little Valentine's Day inspiration.
The mother of all made up holidays, but I'm a good American so I'll buy in.  
Before Christmas even came around the dollar section at Target had already turned to Valentine knickknacks.  I rolled my eyes and thought what a materialistic, hurried society we are 
and then started shoving things into my cart.

Said Target knickknacks included the garland and heart wreath hanging on the front door.   I permanently leave two suction cups hanging on the inside of the storm door and change out the garland for the season or holiday.  I usually pick out garlands that have some metallic element to tie in with the gold on the historic plaque.  In my head I imagine all the neighbors excitedly anticipating which garland is going to come next. 

The doormat is also new, we've lived here for 2.5 years and I just kept the soggy worn doormat left by the previous owners all that time.  This one is nice because it's made of hardwood and raised so moisture won't get trapped underneath {it's from the Smith & Hawken line at Target}.  The greenery is leftover from Christmas, to me it represents winter as a season so it stays long after December has passed.  

The gazelle hooks are wearing hearts, these hearts were used in our wedding, almost 8 years ago now, so I think they're sweet repurposed as seasonal decor.  

A little Valentine cheer in the kitchen, just a peppermint candle grouped with a rosemary plant and my pink mixer makes this corner feel sweet.

The poinsettia from Christmas is still going strong so it has turned into a Valentine's Day poinsettia, it looks cute with the red in the XOXO banner hanging on the window.  

One of the treat jars is filled with Milkbone minis for the girls.  They are laughably small for a 50 pound blue heeler and a 60 pound pit bull, but they were the only size available in the 
pink/red combo.  They prefer their veggie chews, no doubt.  

I'm so glad I got the house dressed up for the big occasion.  Our plans include ordering Thai and  sitting on our new sectional that will hopefully be delivered by 2/14.  
I am going to spice things up though, I have a pants/long sleeved silk leopard PJ set I plan to wear while eating on the couch- meow.  

**This post was not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned**

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