Thursday, October 1, 2015

Shed Some Light

Does everyone remember our entryway?  It sat empty for months before I filled it in with items pilfered from my in-laws attic {read that here}.  

I was pleased with how it turned out, except it let in no natural light and always felt kinda dreary.  

Something I've wanted since moving in was to get a storm door put on the front.  A lot of houses in our neighborhood have them, being an HP neighborhood original doors are kept on as much as possible and storm doors keep the original doors in full view while adding protection from the elements. 

We chose a Pella door from Lowe's with oil rubbed bronze hardware {the door frame looks black in this photo but it's dark brown}.  It has low emissivity glass which will help significantly with drafts since the old wooden door alone didn't do much.  I also love the security that comes with the added lock {and yes the trim needs to be touched up}. *This post is not sponsored by Pella or Lowe's.

As for the girls, Birdie simply enjoys basking in the natural light from her chair while Shep estimates her monitoring duties have gone up at least 23% and yet her pay remains the same.  She's thinking of unionizing with some other neighborhood dogs.

I've mentioned before how I love to leave curtains open with lamps on at night. I think houses looks so cozy from the outside when they're burning bright after dark.  As such I leave the original door wide open so passersby can sneak a peak.  

And now for some completely unrelated news...

Matt and I got to attend the Central Oklahoma Humane Society Hero Awards Gala on Saturday and it was everything.  Puppies to hold, dog and cat shaped mossy decor, bone shaped desserts.  Not to mention the heroes were all rescue animals who had performed heroic acts.  

For those wondering I didn't cry during the awards I've just taken up eating raw jalapeƱos at inopportune times. 

{Read about our rescue girl from the Central OK Humane Society here}

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