Thursday, October 16, 2014

Kitchen Tour

I realized that aside from little snipets that pop up in other posts, I haven't really shown pictures of the kitchen yet.  Since the kitchen is the proverbial heart of the home, you can't really get to know a house until you've been properly introduced to the kitchen.

We have plans for a kitchen facelift along with some other updates to make it more functional (hopefully in 2015?), but I'll save my musings about that for another post.

Right now, let's look at what we've got...

Measuring 16.5'x9.5' at its longest and widest points, it's big compared to what we had in Boston, but pretty modest compared to a lot of American kitchens.

Here's the basic overview:

  • Stainless steel countertops
  • Neutral stone backsplash laid in a square tile pattern
  • Hardware (what little there is) brass with a patina on it
  • KitchenAid (fridge, dishwasher) 
  • GE Profile (range, microwave) 
  • Moen faucet
  • Slate floors
  • KraftMaid cabinetry  
We haven't done a thing except move our stuff in. The previous owners left the refrigerator, pot rack, bracket shelving, even that fabulous pantry (!).

The star of the show is the lighting.  It's my firm belief that good lighting makes a room.  The kitchen has 5 canned lights in the main area on a dimmer switch, 2 canned lights above the bracket shelves on a separate switch, and the MVP of the lighting show are the under-cabinet lights.  They're on their own dimmer switch and I am as in love as one can be with lights. Which is a lot, apparently. The kitchen also gets great natural light which is always a good thing.

I think these shelves are a good time, I love styling them up and I change out what's on display frequently.

One of my favorite details are the Native American glasses.  Aren't they so cool?  Long story short- my mom came across them in a shed, but I've seen similar glasses sold in stores around OKC for a pretty penny.
And now I've just made it sound like my mom hangs out in sheds.

The shelves weren't styled for fall when I took these photos, but my next post is going to be all about their transformation.  Get your tickets now, it's gonna be big. Update: read that post here

Shep's dining area.  When we get our new dining room table I'll move the one we use now right here,  I can't wait to have seating in this kitchen.

I created this little "drop zone" of sorts so that we would have somewhere to plop everything down since we mostly use that side door.  It's a kitchen cart from Target that I've had for years.

On the top is a charging station, the middle shelf holds a tray for iPads, keys, and whatever else ends up there, and on the bottom is a basket for mail until it gets sorted.  The side has hooks for purse, leash, etc.

Please notice that this drop zone is anchored on top by a painting of Shep and on bottom by a wine fridge: two of my favorite things in life.

I'm a regular customer of that wine fridge.  After I've shut down the kitchen for the night I usually find myself back in there pouring a glass of wine because one of the following is happening:
A) Homeland is stressing me out
B) Orange Is The New Black is making me feel awkward
C) Francis Underwood is giving me the creeps

Maybe it's a sign Matt and I need to start watching more innocuous shows.

Here's an up close of the wreath on our side door. I liked the burlap wreath trend, but thought it was too casual for the front door, it's cute on the side though.

Let's move over to the pantry, like I said before, the previous owner's left this here.  I couldn't believe it when we walked in after closing and it was sitting there. It looks like it's an antique cabinet, it has scratches and the wood is chipped in some places which gives it cute character.  

I attached a tote bag to the bottom door so the more cluttered shelves are covered up and I try to keep the top shelves pretty organized: baking supplies have a shelf, everyday kitchen appliances have a shelf, and Shep has a shelf. 

On the side I currently have an apron and our gingerbread hearts from Oktoberfest on display.

One of my favorite parts of the kitchen is the hanging pot rack, it adds a cozy/cottage touch.  

The window ledge above the sink is nice and deep, so along with the bracket shelves, it's another surface I like to style since the shortage of counter space leaves no room for such superfluous fun. I know the leaves on that little basil plant are sad looking, but I can't let it go. I love pinching them off and putting them in sweet tea or over ice cream (especially peach). 

And just because it seems like a dedicated post about a kitchen should have a picture of food in it, I'll leave you with a recent dinner I made. 

Now this feels complete. 

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