Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Down With Bland, Up With Pretty

The Study is moving right along.  This room is really a third bedroom, but since old houses don't typically come with home offices, bonus rooms, or man caves (ohhh the treasures you miss out when you don't go with new construction) it will be used as the study.

For the most part, the light fixtures in this house are pretty neat.  Some of them are original to the house and the lighting that has been updated are canned lights on dimmers, which I love.

But then we had this...

Have you ever been more bored looking at a fixture?  Did your eyes just glaze over? So bland.

The dome wasn't even glass, it was plastic.  It wasn't worthy to live in the same room as our amazing new desk.  Something had to be done.

So something was done...

Matt picked out West Elm's 3-Jar Chandelier and it fits the room so well.

It even makes the black crown molding, window trim, and baseboards tolerable.  The fixture plate against the ceiling really makes all the trim pop.  It's actually a bronze plate, but it completely reads black in this room. 

It's a chandelier presumably meant to hang over a dining table so the cords had to be shortened quite a bit.  I was home with the electrician the morning it went up and when Matt came home for lunch he said "it's great, but I can't walk under it."

Right. I didn't even think about that seeing as how I barely clear 5 feet.  I called the electrician and he immediately came back over to shorten things up, he didn't even make me feel crazy.  I think I'll only use him from now on.

The light bulbs are filament bulbs which don't give off as bright a light as regular bulbs, so even though there are three of them completely exposed it still gives off a soft warm glow.  Not too dim though, plenty of light to brighten up the room.  

The study still needs bookshelves, a rug, stuff on the walls, a chair and ottoman {that couch will be relocated}, and  some other random things; but I think we might be on track to have one room 100% completed within 6 months of moving into this house. Yeah, we move pretty fast. 

And Shep thinks 4 throw pillows is excessive. 

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