Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Desk Monitoring

First off, look at that amazing header!! Made by my she's-so-effortlessly-cool-I-don't-know-how-she-does-it friend, Becca. She was one of my Boston besties and now lives in Atlanta with her hubby and cute boys (and I can't leave out the fact that she's also the mother of Shep's Boston BFF, Bailey).

Last Friday, Shep's day went from zero to hero.  It was raining most of the day so she was stuck inside, bored. Then a truck pulled up, we were getting a delivery and there's nothing she loves more than needlessly monitoring things around the homestead.

After the delivery guy left she kept a close eye on the box to make sure of the following:

1. Squirrels weren't hiding inside
2. It didn't turn into a hunk of cheese
3. It didn't try to run away 

She was successful and when Matt got home it was time to switch to another couch to adequately monitor the assembly. 

After all that monitoring, this is what we ended up with: the most beautiful desk I've ever seen.  Matt found an Etsy shop, Elpis & Wood, who makes masterpieces like this. 

It is a solid piece of walnut on hairpin legs.  It's heavy and dark with the neatest striations and almost seems to float on those skinny legs. 

Just look at that color.

And look at those legs (not Shep's, the desk's).  

That box in the corner is the new light fixture that should be going up later this week(!).  {I'm excited about the fixture, but an exclamation seemed over the top so that's why it got parenthesis around it}.

Back to the legs, as with most older houses, the floors slant a little.  So instead of all three points coming down to the floor it was made so that we can adjust the legs as necessary. 

This room, we call it "the study," still has a ways to go {as does pretty much every room in the house} but this desk was the major player.  Everything else that goes in here will center around this beauty.

And I would like to sign off with a shout out to Shep, she monitored the heck out of this desk.  Putting those skills learned at business school to work.  

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  1. I hope you are still loving your desk!
    Thanks again for your business!


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