Friday, March 6, 2015

A Table By The Window

I have a new favorite little nook in the house, it's in the kitchen in front of that window.  I've shown this space it looked when we first moved in

Decorated for fall.

 Decorated for Christmas. 

But now I feel like it's reached its personal best.

Do you recognize the table and chairs?  They were a stand-in for the dining room before we got our new table and chairs.

I love this English barley-twist set, it's been in Matt's family for years.  Just like the console in our entryway, it's more traditional than I would usually go for and that's part of the reason I love it.  It looks almost identical to this one.

*House of Cards spoiler {only if you haven't finished Season 2}
    Speaking of traditional every time I watch HOC I have a decorating identity crisis where I rethink everything I thought I loved and just want to go straight up federal.  And I'm really missing the Underwood's townhouse in Season 3.
    I like how they've done The White House, but it doesn't speak to me the way their brownstone did. I don't pause near as much this season to look at design details the way I did in seasons 1 & 2.  But we've also practiced a shocking amount of restraint and have only watched 5 episodes so maybe there's something more to come.

Anyway, after our real dining table came we pushed the leaves in on this one making it 34.5" and it wedges nicely in front of the window {do you see the snow outside, the coziness is almost too much}. This is the perfect perch for coffee, lunch, wine, and just for people to gather in the kitchen.

It's also a fun place to style vignettes, and really what could be more exciting? like the one above for Valentine's Day.

Or this one for Matt's birthday.

I added a mini West Elm mercury glass lamp to the kitchen shelves, you know, to really drive home the cafe vibe.

The view into the kitchen from the dining room.

Another update in the kitchen is this Persian rug.  It used to be in the living room but considering the living room needs a 10'x14' rug and this one is 3'x5' it just looked kind of silly.

I know putting nicer rugs in kitchens has been a growing trend for a while and I'm all about it.  I have to say unloading the dishwasher while standing on a Persian just feels luxe.  Gone are the misguided days of utility mats.

Probably most importantly it gives the girls somewhere soft to lay in the kitchen. They're always under my feet anyway so might as well make them comfortable.

Between adding seating in here and putting the rug down I think the kitchen is sitting pretty until it's time for the redo.

But, I mean, those cabinets.  Something has got to be done.  

{P.S. My little sister made a music video and it's the best thing} 

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