Thursday, January 8, 2015

2014 in Review

Here is our Christmas card from this {last?} year, never mind that Christmas was 2 weeks ago.  It's fine.

Let's be honest, this is one of those cards that I'd usually get and think "wow this is a show off card"  and it totally is.  There's no use denying it.  Two zero one four was huge for us!  And now it is forever immortalized on a card,  a card that is probably in most people's trash cans at this point, but let's hope for recycling.

I'll start from the beginning...

In March we had the chance to go on the vacation of a lifetime, a safari in Tanzania led by a fellow HBSer who was very familiar with the region.  We paid and showed up and the whole thing was beautifully planned out for us as well as the other 30+ people on the trip. Kudos to him, that was a huge undertaking and the trip was a dream.  I think about it every day.

We just got to stare at animals for hours on end each day.  Be still my heart. 

This was our safari guide, James, with our game drive group. He let us listen to The Lion King soundtrack and Toto's "Africa" on repeat.  Needless to say he deserved a good tip.  Not to mention he knew everything there was to know about what we saw on the drives. 

 We also went to Zanzibar on this trip, a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania 25-50 kilometers off the mainland. It was stunning. 

Then in May we went to Maui with some of our closest friends to celebrate our five year wedding anniversary and Matt's impending graduation.

The whole gang on a sunset cruise 

Elyse and me on the boat. 

Feast at Lele

Krista, we were also celebrating her impending graduation from HBS and her birthday. So much cause for a vacation. 

Then later in May Matt graduated from HBS.

Us and our families, such a special day.

In July we bought our house and moved to Oklahoma City. 

Shep accompanied us to the closing table...and was mortified to learn they didn't request her paw print on the contract. 

And in November we adopted sweet Birdie. So basically, I had a baby. 

I used the back of the card as a moving announcement of sorts.  

So that's a wrap of 2014, I think my show off card was warranted.  Of course we still plan to travel and just be fun human beings in general, but it's hard to imagine another year with as many exciting events as that one. 2015, you have some big shoes to fill.

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