Thursday, November 20, 2014

TBT: Student Living

I'll state the obvious, I love documenting our living spaces.  That's why I started this blog,  I've only been at it a few months and already I enjoy looking "back" at how the house has changed.  I've always been this way, so today I thought it'd be fun to take a look back at our first apartment (we lived in two) in Cambridge, MA.  All of these will be iPhone photos, iPhone 4 photos to be exact.  Brace yourself.

Actually, before we go inside, let's take a look at Shep's first trip to Harvard Yard.  Notice the camera- wielding tourist behind me.  From the look on his face he doesn't think the John Harvard statue is a place for iPhone pics with dogs.  No.  It should be treated with more reverence than that.  Guess he's never seen The Social Network.

Now we'll get started on the tour, this was a townhouse style apartment built in the 1920's and owned by Harvard University Housing, the best landlords ever.  I often find myself wishing I could pick up the phone and call them.  It was two levels with a basement, about 750 square feet. 

Front door, coat closet, living room. 

Other side of the living room looking into the kitchen.  

We even had a little fireplace.  

Shep was quite the taskmaster during Matt's first semester.

Tiny kitchen!  Notice the mini oven/cooktop.  

Despite this kitchen being so tiny and without a dishwasher, this is actually where I started to really learn to cook.  After we got married we continued living in our college town of Fayetteville, AR where we ate out most of the time.  I didn't really know how to cook and the cost of living was low enough it wasn't too expensive to eat out a lot. 

Boston changed all that, an expensive city coupled with tuition meant that we needed to eat in more and eating out became more for social occasions, which admittedly, still happened frequently.  Before Boston the best I could do was spaghetti with sauce out of a jar and frozen garlic bread.  Now I can't imagine not having cooking in my life and we eat in 4-5 nights a week.  It makes our house feel homey. 

Shep looking for blueberry muffin remains in her snowflake pjs.

Stairwell/wedding gallery wall.

Bedroom, we could see the Charles River from those windows. 

Necessary pic of a sleeping dog in case you're still unclear on if we have a dog.

Looking out of the bedroom into the hall/bathroom/linen closet.

I thought the gray and white checked floor in the bathroom was cute.

Second bedroom, it was sooo small.  We used it as a place for Matt to study.

The front covered in snow.

The view from our bedroom windows, you can see the Charles looks kind of yellow when it's frozen over.  

Shep took to the Boston weather nicely. 

My littlest sister, Avery, who was 10 at the time flew up from Dallas all by herself to stay with us.  

She lined up all the DP cans she and Matt had consumed during her stay.  

She's 12 now and already looks so much older than she does in this pic.  

We even got to sit in on one of Matt's classes where it was decided she'll be HBS Class of 2030.

Cambridge is a special place and we made lifelong friends who are now scattered around the world.  I'm so thrilled we got to spend two years there, I have a feeling the HBS years will be some of our favorites. 

More New England photos here 

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  1. Those photos of Shep are great. She's a really pretty dog. Love her in the snowflake PJs and her curled up on your bed. Precious!


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